Professional Vehicle Diagnostics on Demand

MECH5 brings a new freedom to technicians by enabling professional diagnostic capabilities across many operating systems on any compatible internet enabled device


MECH5 uses unique cloud-based technology that makes it faster to connect to an ECU and start diagnosing. And, as MECH5 is always up to date whenever you logon, it saves you hours of wasted time downloading and installing updates!

Incredibly cost effective - plus FREEMIUM!

MECH5's no obligation monthly subscription model includes all diagnostic capabilities with minimal prior investment in hardware, meaning the total cost of diagnostics to your business is significantly reduced. Plus, if you stop your monthly payments you can still use the MECH5 FREEMIUM version! Read more HERE

More Flexible

Quick & easy to set up and use, MECH5 runs on any up to date browser on any of your existing PC/Laptop/Tablet Windows or Android devices. Plus the monthly subscription model ensures complete flexibility - pay and use MECH5 only when you want to.

Improved historical data access

MECH5 stores the data history for each individual VIN number so you can access and analyse every vehicle's historical data record (including all DTCs ever read and Live Data Snapshots ever taken).

Remote access

With MECH5's remote diagnostics capabilities you can monitor and maintain vehicle health, anywhere and everywhere. This offers garages the opportunity to have a direct and more lasting connection with their customers.

Comprehensive coverage and capabilities

MECH5 accesses all a vehicle's ECUs across a wide and rapidly growing range of makes, to deliver all the capabilities you would expect from a professional diagnostic scantool.
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Why is MECH5 so different to existing vehicle diagnostic scan tools?
Please watch our short 3 minute video below..


Understand More About The Vehicle

FREE DEMO - if you want to see exactly how MECH5 looks and works,
then please just sign up for a free demo account HERE

Below are some of the types of example ECUs that MECH5 can access with all the following functions*:

  • Health check of the complete vehicle

  • Reading and deleting manufacturer's trouble codes

  • Instant capture of parameters in real time

  • Dynamic graphing of parameters in real time

  • Actuation of components

  • Service functions

  • Special functions and coding

(* where the ECU allows it)

ACC - Adpative cruise control
AHBM - Automatic high beam
AHLM - Headlamp levelling
AMP - Hi-FI Amplifier
Electric Window
Instrument Cluster
Key - Immobiliser
Read DTCs Free even without a sub
Traction Control
Vehicle Health Report - see example below
File size

The MECH5 VCI Unit

We have created the MECH5 VCI Bluetooth unit to take full advantage of the MECH5 platform's potential

Learn more about our VCI Unit